Please help: Problem with compilation of footnotes

I’m trying to compile my document into docx format. The problem is that all the footnotes are at the very end of the document.
There is a feature in Word to convert endnotes to footnotes. But that doesn’t work because Word doesn’t even recognize the endnotes as endnotes.
Of course, all words that have a footnote in Scrivener have a superscript number in docx format. But that’s just text. So the superscript numbers have no connection to the endnotes.

I also tried doc format and rtf format. The result is the same.

I would be very, very grateful for help!
I am currently writing my doctoral thesis and I would like to avoid correcting 200+ footnotes afterwards :expressionless:

Warm greetings,

In your Compile Settings, do you have either “export inspector footnotes as endnotes” or “export inline footnotes as endnotes” checked? You can check this by going to File → Compile and then clicking the gear icon in the right panel.

Also, are you actually opening the exported document in Microsoft Word or something else? Different programs treat footnotes/endnotes differently, so something Scrivener actually exports it one way and it’s displayed another way by the program it’s opened with.

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Also, check the compile format you are using, in the Compatibility pane, and make sure Flatten footnotes and comments into regular text is disabled. This is used by some non-fiction templates to enable unusual endnote grouping approaches, such as somewhere in the middle of the document rather than the very end. They need to not be actual endnotes, just formatted to look like them, for Scrivener to handle that.

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Assume compatibility pane is a Mac feature do not see in Windows Compile function.

The Compatibility pane pops up when .docx is selected as the export file type in the Compile Format Designer on both macOS and Windows.

Hey there and thank you very much for the answer.
I do not have the settings checked that you mentioned. Should I check these?

Right now I have Remove comments, Remove annotations, remove highlithing and Remove all hyperlinks checked.

And yes, I do open the file in MS Word 365

Also thank you for your answer.

I used the compile format “APA Student”. When I unchecked the setting “flatten footnotes” it produced the same result.
BUT: Then I tried to use the APA Professional format and there I unchecked the “flatten footnotes” setting and



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