PLEASE HELP: Scrivener FROZEN, won't let me click on binder to change to a different page


I was away for a bit and came back and started to try to use Scrivener. It’s locked where no matter where I click on the binder, it shows the same page. I can’t get to my manuscript, my characters, anything.

In recent past, I’ve had a problem several times when I copied and pasted something from the web into a new page. If I spotted it freeze, I’d have to take the page, move it to the trash, and delete it from the trash. The problem is, I’ve been away and if that’s the issue, I don’t know what research note is making it freeze.

I’ve tried hard shutdown of the program, closing the program, closing the file and reopening—nothing.

Please please help

First, make sure the Navigate -> Editor -> Lock in Place command is not checked.

If that’s not it, reset the project display settings as explained here: … y-settings


Thank you so much for this quick reply, Katherine. It wasn’t Lock In Place so I’ll go try the reset now—I so appreciate your help.

If that doesn’t help either, shoot us a support email. We may need to dig into the project in more detail, which is hard to do via the forums.