Please help--Scrivener won't save my work

OK, I’m trying not to freak out.

As I was working on my MS today, I got a message that my startup disk was getting full. Not wanting to take time out from writing to delete some files, I kept writing. I just went to save my work and I got this error message from Scrivener:

“There as a problem saving the project. Not all recent edits could be saved. The program will now close.”

There is a blue “OK” button, but of course I haven’t pressed it. No other part of the program is available. (Sync to SimpleNote, Save As, all greyed out.) I have freed up plenty of space but that didn’t work. I emailed myself the current file and when I opened it could see that all 2500 words for the day are gone–none saved.

As of now, the program is still open–I don’t dare hit the “OK” button, but what can I do?? I’m going to write Scrivener, but I thought I might get a quicker response here.

Can anyone please help? How do I override the error message and save the work?

(Just a note to anyone else reading this that we’ve picked up this case in e-mail support)