please help w/ us stage play

Cannot get it too look like stage play

Is there a trick?

Tried even copying and pasting with style from the example and no go.

Is there a special key? Menu item? tool bar?

Please help.

Text > Scriptwriting > Stage Play (UK or US) - this will put you in stage play mode.
All the best,

Yep. I’m there. No formatting.

Under Text>Scriptwriting it says I’m in script mode Stageplay (US)

So, now what?

It all just flows from left to right like it has no idea it’s a play.

The most frustrating part is that I copy from the example and paste or paste with style and BOOM all the style is gone.

I’m sure that pasting and typing over is the wiener way to do it, but it at least should work, right?

Very very very frustrating.


Wait, there’s a tricky little button in the lower right that holds the formatting styles I was looking for.

That’s the ticket.


Indeed, and use Cmd-Y to quickly get to that menu without the mouse. The single-letter abbreviations to the right of each item allow you to select them immediately. Additionally, keep an eye on the footer bar to the left of that menu. There are two actions branching off of every script element type. The default (enter) which is generally the logical choice (character -> dialogue), and tab which jumps to a next most common type.