Please help, windows and ios cannot sync

I have purchased and downloaded scrivener and dropbox on my iPhone. iOS has synchronized some data of Windows, but it cannot synchronize the updated data. Moreover, content added on the ios side cannot be uploaded to the windows side. Please help, thank you very much!

We will need more details before we can offer any help. Where is Scrivener saving your projects on the Windows computer? Is it being saved in Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener for example?

What happens if you create a new Scrivener project in Windows, exit the project, and wait a couple of minutes? Is the new project synced to Dropbox on the iPhone? Is it synced to Scrivener on the iPhone?

What happens if you create a new Scrivener project on your iPhone. Does this sync to Dropbox on Windows?


Thank you, my problem has been solved. Because I just copied the files to dropbox and did not move them. I have moved all the files to dropbox according to what you said, and the problem is solved. Thank you very much and have a great day!

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Iā€™m glad your setup is working ā€¦ perhaps, though, have a look at the following L&L link to make sure you have it all setup as it should be.