Please help :-(

I’m new to this software and do love it. However, I’m desperately trying to backup/sync to Dropbox to no avail. My computer (Windows 10) doesn’t seem to have enough memory to install Dropbox. At least I think that’s it. I’m getting Error 2 whenever I try to install it and of course I can’t find out what that means.

I can install the Windows Dropbox APP from the the Microsoft Store, but there’s no sync option with it, unless I go back and install Dropbox itself. So is there any other way to automatically sync and backup? I’ve read warnings about using other methods such as OneDrive so was afraid that would mess up my work. Or is there another way to use Dropbox of which I’m not aware?

I’m also very frustrated looking for help. There’s no one to call or chat with anywhere and most of what I see online is years old. So anything you can provide with this issue would be appreciated very much or I’ll have to move on.

Thank you!

I can’t help with the Dropbox issue, I’m afraid, but I can help you with the backup part in the meantime.

First of all, it’s important to distinguish between the working Project and the backup copy (which you will want to zip).

Working projects are made up of potentially thousands of files, so keeping them in OneDrive isn’t a good idea because they can get out of sync. Dropbox has features which allow you to do it safely, iCloud and OneDrive don’t. That’s why people say don’t keep your working files in OneDrive.

Zipped backup copies on the other hand, are just a single file, so there isn’t the same risk: you can keep your zipped backups quite safely on OneDrive.

So the process should be:

Working copy somewhere on your C: drive outside the OneDrive folder.

Backup: open the Backup preferences options (in Tools/Options? I don’t use Windows…) and change the settings to:

Keep zipped backups
Backup on Project Save (automatic backups)
Add the date to backups
Retain as many copies as it will let you (I have 25)

Then set the backup location somewhere on your OneDrive.

Now every time you close the program (or click Ctl-S) you’ll get a time and dated, zipped backup kept in the cloud.

This doesn’t solve syncing, of course, which needs Dropbox for ease of use — for that you’ll have to manually open the latest backup on OneDrive on the ‘other’ computer each time — but at least it gives you piece of mind for the backups.


Re Dropbox error 2…

See Dropbox’s page

Also try doing a Google search on “error 2 Dropbox install” and reviewing the various results,

Hope that is of some assistance.