Please include a toggle to count/not count text formatted as 'strikethrough' from the word count/document target

Hi! I frequently have to trim long documents to fit a certain word target. When doing so I often use strikethrough formatting to ‘soft delete’ text I should move/delete. It’s easier to use strikethrough formatting instead of physically moving text in or out of the document. Unfortunately text formatted as ‘strikethrough’ is still included in the document word count. It would be nice to have a toggle in the document target window allowing us to include/exclude text formatted as strikethrough from the word count. What do you think?

Thanks for all your amazing work,


Meanwhile, if instead of strikethrough you’d use inline footnotes or inline annotations, you’d get an accurate count by clicking on the counter:


Not to say anything against your request, which is actually a good one.

Thanks. That is a smart work-around indeed.

Inline annotations are the OG “soft delete” feature, before the checkbox was added to the compiler to strip out strikeouts. I wouldn’t so much consider it a workaround as another more dedicated and feature-supported path to editing in this fashion.

Which isn’t to say this isn’t a good idea. Since we are now supporting struck-through text meaningfully, it makes sense to continue doing so rather than stopping short.