Please let me turn off the 'word lab' function.

Congratulations on the official release of Scrivener for Windows Version 3.

Currently ‘word Lab’ function is applied by default on the main editor screen.
So when the line changes, there is a big blank space between the words. It’s especially a problem when you sort both paragraphs.

In languages other than English, it doesn’t matter if the word is truncated. In version 1.9 the line was changed by character. I hope it’s possible in version 3.

Thank you for your work.

Sorry, I don’t know what a “word lab” is, in the sense that you’re using it. It sounds like you are describing justified text alignment, where text is spread out to ensure both the left and right side of the paragraph is flush? That wouldn’t in any way interfere with sorting though, nor is it a default.

But if it is the default you chose, you can change it.

Sorry. It wasn’t word lab, it was word-wrap.

Please look at the capture image.

You can see that the space is bigger than other places. If the document is both aligned, the long word has moved on to the next line. And the place of the long word became blank.

CJK text changes the line by letter, not by word. I think this was possible in ver1.9. I hope it will be possible in ver 3.

Okay, I understand what you mean better now. Does it work better if you set the alignment to Left, in the Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ menu?

Yes, if I set it to left alignment, there is no too big blank problem between words. But that’s because all the blank I mentioned are on the right.

OP may be talking about automatic hyphenation.

Now, I think in this case you’ll simply have to add a hyphen manually. It should rearrange the line as you need.

As an ex-typographer, I would also say that your columns are just too narrow to use justified text. Depending on the needs of your project, you should consider one (or more) of the following: smaller font, wider columns, automatic hyphenation. Or just used ranged-left, if you want really narrow columns.

Justified text prioritises a neat looking page over readability; my personal opinion is that it’s best avoided whenever possible. Now that I’m a writer (of sorts), I am more interested in people reading my words than admiring how they look.