Please make a good Scrivener 3 for Windows too...

Hey, hello here, not much news from L&L recently, so I was thinking : “they are probably working hard on Scrivener 3 for all platforms.” And it make me quite happy. But, oh, I thought : what if they miss some very important points and do not make it as good as “we” need/want ?

So I’m putting here some ideas I think quite good and that should, imho, be looked for.*

  • we need a good integration in Windows. I want to be able to open a Scrivener project by all the usual ways, including dragging a file on an oppened Scrivener window, or choosing the appropriate project in the pull up menu :



  • we need a good translation (just contact me I’m still on it :p)

  • shortcuts have to be rethinked totally. Something like Wordperfect (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-Q) is not seen anywhere else anymore in 2016. Nor in 2015, 2014… 2000…

  • (idea) some gamification elements should be added to project target and word counts

(EDIT) :

  • Make Undo work for binder changes.(TromboneAl)

Please, others Scrivener users and fans, give us (them :wink:) your ideas and requests !

*nb: after 23 years of journalism in computers and informatics, I hope I have some “vision” of what would make a hit or a fail. Or maybe not ?:wink: It is quite pretencious, but hey… You take what you want :smiley:

ps: english is not my primary language, so I appologies for all the mistakes and errors I made in this post. Please forgive me :slight_smile:

Thanks for starting this, jljovano. I just want to say that in Windows 7 (an antique, I know!), I do indeed have the “jump list” with recent Scrivener projects (see attached screenshot).

Regarding shortcuts, I actually like the Ctrl-key combinations. But perhaps there could be better ones. What would you suggest?

Ohhhh well, that is what I want ! I cannot seem to have such a list under Win10 x64 I really not understant why ? :frowning:

For shortcuts, I was not talking about “simple” ctrl-shortcuts, but about double ones, like [Ctrl-G], [Ctrl-O] (show citations, or [Ctrl-G],[Ctrl-R]) (show preview) and many more :wink:

Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, that is kind of WordStar, isn’t it? And yet, it’s very efficient when you have memorized them.

I’m running Windows 10 64-Bit and Scrivener 1.9. I have a Scrivener jump list. It’s been a while since I upgraded to Windows 10, though, so I don’t remember if I had to do anything special to make the list appear.

IIRC, the goal is for WinScriv 3 to match the features of MacScriv 3.


Will this include the ability to select all the text in Scrivenings rather than text by text? And the ability to make folder titles in the Binder bold? Both niceties that I find I miss in the Windows version.

Blimey. This post is like going back to 2011. The intention is for windows to have the same facilities as the Mac version. And it will…

Apologies. I should have searched. :smiley: :smiley:

I knew there were differences but after so long with the Mac version I was a trifle disconcerted when WinScriv didn’t behave as expected. Duh on my part, I know. I think I was fooled by the fact they look so similar (for which I was devoutly grateful).

Personally, I’d like to see UI redesign. I remember seeing new Mac design somewhere on these forums, and I’d like something like this happen for Windows. :slight_smile:

But then… my second machine is Linux, and it’s not going to be updated. Hmm…