Please make Scrivener scriptable with an Applescript menu

This could allow Scrivener to use the useful BBAutoComplete, a utility that would be quite useful while writing.
For more about it, visit
Thanks for your attention

Rapidowrite is another free text expander, and it does not require AppleScript, which means it can function in a great many more applications.

Hi, I would definitely like to make Scrivener Apple-scriptable in the future. I just have to look into how to do this, as I fully admit that I’m not sure what is involved at the moment. But rest assured that it is on my “future” list. :slight_smile:

following this thread, unless i have made a mistake from my assessment Rapidowrite doesn’t currently work with Scrivener though it works nicely with other cocoa apps like TextEdit. The only one that i have tried that does work smoothly in all apps is Typinator, but it is an expensive option for a simple auto-complete software.

Does anyone else use an auto-complete tool while writing in Scrivener which is freeware or donationware?

What about Textpander? I haven’t used it in a while, but I remember it being pretty nifty and it used to be free. Not sure if it still is.

Try TypeIt4Me… It has been working smoothly on Scr. and Bean. It’s on promo today at MacZOT.


– MJ