Please remove the underline of the menu using the Alt key in another theme.

Thank you so much for making this wonderful program. But there’s one problem.


In default, turn off the underline with the alt key but It was not possible with dark themes and other themes.


That underline is an unnecessary feature in other languages other than English and is very annoying.

What did you do to get three different views?

Okay, this is a bug in the Windows version, and should be posted in the appropriate forum (which I will do so as soon as I finish this post.)

The bug is that in Windows, there is a convention that pressing the Alt key will cause menu entries to underline the accelerator keys for each option (if they have them). Pressing Alt again will remove the underlines. This works as expected in Scrivener 3.0 with the default theme, but it does not do so with most of the other themes I have tried. In those, the underlines for the accelerator keys are always present.

devinganger explained well for me. :astonished: The first two pictures were taken on a default theme. The last picture is a dark theme.

Thank you for your answer. This was a bug. That explains it. I thought it was a function that the developer put in on purpose.