Please separate spell checking from homonym substitution

My spelling is quite good, but my typing is atrocious. I really appreciate the immediate correction of my typos.

Homonyms are another matter. I’m very good at homonyms; Scrivener is not. In the past hour I’ve seen Scrivener change

The next few days were uneventful.
The next few days we’re uneventful.

and change

“I noticed, but Jacob did not appear to,” Bill said.
“I noticed, but Jacob did not appear too,” Bill said.

It would really be great for me, and others like me, if Scrivener could separate spell checking (which is a big help) from homonym substitution (which just introduces errors).

If I recall correctly, this is an egregious Big Brother intrusion by the Mac spelling checker, which Scrivener uses. One has to put up with this BS all through the Mac/iOS ecosystem. There was great complaining when it first showed up, but there’s not a lot to be done about it unless KB, may his shadow never shrink, decides to write his own spelling checker, or license a third-party library. Myself, I’ve become quick with the ctrl-z key combo…