Please submit Scrivener to Mac App Store(Chinese area)


I am Chinese student, sorry my english :blush: .

I use Scrivener free trial to write every day。
Now, I want to buy it, but I donnot have an credit card,I have an debit card and Chinese Mac App Store support debit card, So I wish you can submit Scrivener to Mac App Store(Chinese area), then I can buy it。。。Thank you :blush:

Can you buy a licence using your debit card through Amazon? … CIUCOJHGJV

I’m sorry, but we can sell Scrivener through the App Store only in countries where Apple handles the sales tax aspects of the sale, and unfortunately they do not take responsibility for doing this in China. You can read more about this in our Mac App Store FAQ at … -store-faq.

Scrivener is available via Amazon only in the U.S., but If you have a debit card, then you should be able to purchase via our regular web store at

If you contact us via sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com then we can also put you in touch with a reseller in China, which may be a more convenient approach for you.