Please suggest the most thorough introduction to compile in Scriv 3

Hi … I have spent some time with Scrivener Help, and the video tutorials attempting to learn the compile system. I understand the basics with respect to section layouts, formats, etc.

The basic problem I face is this: I use one font, font size, and document format settings for files / documents in Scrivener, and I want to generate a compiled document with these parameters all changed. I’ve managed to get pretty far, duplicating and editing a format, changing the font and font size, selecting what I think are appropriate section layouts, etc. I want to send to Print or make a .docx file.

The compiled doc has many quirks. I can’t get rid of section separators; the font size doesn’t carry over; etc etc.

I believe I can find my way through it if I’d have a detailed guide through each feature, including the zillions of fields I encounter all throughout the compile function.

I’ve seen one or two retail guidebooks to Scriv 3, but all I really need is the details for compile.

I’d appreciate any and all suggestions you may have.

Thanks in advance …

I should add that I use the Mac version; also, I’ve been trying to make the ‘as-is’ section layouts function to reproduce paragraph formatting, without inserting any spacers between paragraphs … thanks again

The definitive guide is the Scrivener Manual, available from the Help menu.

Only read that after you’ve reviewed at least the relevant sections of the Interactive Tutorial, also on the Help menu, and this overview for Scrivener 2 users: … date-guide


There are also as many as four videos on the LitLat website devoted to compile. While they are meant as introductory overviews, I think they are well worth checking out – one can pick up surprisingly many points from them – even if you’ve been once around the park.

Thanks very much for pointing me towards the full manual rather than only searching in help and checking the videos … the manual will most certainly do the trick!