Please, support continuous speech for all documents in scrivenings View Mode

I currently write a short story with Scenes, sub-scenes and sub-subscenes.
When I let Scrivener speak out my writing, it stops when every section is ended.
In the Scrivenings View Mode, all sub-scenes and sub-subscenes are on the screen.
Still, Scrivener stops after every sub-scene and sub-subscene ends.

Often this is just one sentence.

Usually, I go through a speech session in Scrivener, before I do it again in a Compiled Word-document.

Is it possible to create an Option to support continuous speech for all documents in the scrivenings View Mode?

Thanks in advance

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The question is whether we can get the external speech library to start and stop at arbitrary points automatically. I believe that would be necessary given how Scrivenings mode is an illusion of a single text being carried off with a stack of completely separate text editors. For there to be a seamless continuation from one to the next requires custom attention (for example, how the spell check dialogue can continue from the end of one text editor and into the next text editor).

The illusion is seamless enough that it feels like stuff should just work, but you really have to ask yourself the question: how easy would it be to make Word speak from 15 open document windows, one after the other? And if so, how hard is it to do that given the tool that is being worked with—do we have full control over it, or is it somewhat of a black box (as speech may well be)?

I would love to hear the outcome of the discussion with the developers about this question.

There are tools like PowerToys that allow to grab text from the screen just like you’d take a screenshot.
I suppose that using that and pasting the text in the second editor (in a document dedicated to that) you could then get a continuous read.
You’d only have to redo the text-grab/paste operation if you edit your source text.
Zooming way out should allow you to grab quite a lot of text.
Certainly not a whole novel, but enough to give you much longer of a read.

You could also do a quick as-is compile and have that in a dummy document for the text-to-voice to read from.

(It is far from ideal, I know, I somewhat realized as I was done typing this post. But still, useful, perhaps.)

FWIW, this is what I do.



Yes, when I Compile into Word, Speech is continuous, but that’s the next (current) phase in my editing process. I’d like Speech to be continuous in Scrivener itself, and use that feature as a separate phase.

I understand it won’t be easy, but a bit more control in the Speech function would not be wasted: showing which line or which word is spoken, for example, would be very handy. Text to Speech has developed quickly in recent years. Word used better voices now, I’d love to see Scrivener upgrade as well.

Tackling the issue with jumping for one text widget to the next would be a promising start.

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