Please unsubscribe me in email form

I prefer my scrivener update in the RSS feed and would prefer to stick with that, but can not find where to unsubscribe for email and did this inadvertently.

If anyone can be of help, most appreciate. :blush:

Do you mean messages on the forum? You can click on the “User Control Panel” link above, and then then use the “Board Preferences” tab to change e-mail settings. If you mean the newsletter, I don’t think we have an RSS alternative to that, but I might have missed a detail.

:question: I think maybe on the Facebook/Scrivener page that had a rss signup button? All I know is I have the same feeds on email as rss, so I don’t need doubles! My email count exploded! lol

I wonder if its from some changes I made on fb? Got an issue there too…

Thanks for the help… :mrgreen:

Yeah, if you are getting duplicated Facebook messages and RSS feeds, then it sounds like your settings on FB need to be tweaked. We don’t actually broadcast anything at that level. We do have a newsletter feed, but it is only used for major announcements that are generally quite long, not just little bursts here and there.