Please update iOS app to fit the new iPad Pro

I love Scrivener, but seeing black lines around the app is hugely offputting.

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What black lines? I’ve never had any black lines around the app on the new iPad…?

@PEN_AND_SWORD – There are several new(er) iPad models. Please, would you clarify which has the problem you’re seeing?

And screenshots would help…

I don’t seem to be able to edit my post, so here’s a screenshot. This is what Scrivener looks like on the new 12.9 iPad Pro. Most apps have been updated to fit the new screen.

The black lines you talk about are the top bar with date/time, wifi symbols etc, and on the bottom the swipe up control.
I have no issue with either being present, and in fact expect them.

Most of the productivity software I use seems to have it, though on light mode the bars are the same colour as the background, whereas in iOS Scrivener they are black. In dark mode they almost disappear into the background

On some apps the background in these parts are the same as the rest of the screen and sometimes they are black. But the rest of the bezel is also black, at least on mine. Is that the problem? You have a white bezel?

This is only the case on apps that haven’t been updated. The vast majority of apps have been updated to fit the new resolution.

If they are black, it means the app is not fitting the screen correctly. The black lines are area where there is no app. The issue is compounded when using Scrivener in split view with another app, because it force-shrinks the second app too, when it shouldn’t.

See below iA Writer and Notability, which have been updated:

Given that Scrivener for Mac, Scrivener for iOS and Scapple for Mac are all developed, maintained and updated by one person, KB, I’m sure he will do whatever is necessary when he is able to get round to Scrivener for iOS again.


I join the request of this topic. It’s not a big issue, but those black lines are a bit annoying and distracting. Thanks :slight_smile: