Can you guys

[size=200]PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE[/size]

finally release a version that people can PAY for and that does not expire? To a certain extent I don’t care about bugs at this point - what I don’t want is to be sitting out in the sticks with my eeePC and yet again discover that my version of Scrivener has expired, so I cannot continue my work. What I don’t want is to waste yet another afternoon, month after month, to get Scrivener working on my Puppeee Linux, even though the last install was basically working fine. What I don’t want is for Scrivener to ruin my summer.

Please. I’m already on my knees. What more are you asking for?

(a) I’m not using Linux, so I’m not feeling your pain.

(b) If I was using Linux, and I felt as you do, I would think about writing:

- a script to set my system clock to some "acceptable" time

© whenever my beta expired, I would run (b). And I would deal with the ugly time problems with Scrivener files that kept having their times be “too new”, that is, after the current reset time. And I’d do that by writing:

- a script to reset the create and modified times of all the files in a directory to the "acceptable" time

and I would run that script over the directories that contained my Scrivener files anytime I chose to run (b)

(d) Every time I decided to go to the trouble of installing a new beta, I would update the “acceptable” system time in (b)

After all that was running correctly, I could ignore L&L updates until I was ready to deal with them. And notice that I would run © only once per reset and could run (b) only when I was about to run Scrivener and keep the rest of my system happy with the correct system time.

Why would I go to this trouble? Because I don’t want to constrain L&L to release a product before they think it is ready.

That (and the fact that the windows version has more features) is why I primarily use the windows one with wine these days. As an update is released, I can use the updater to grab the new one, so there’s no loss of time.

That having been said, how exactly are you trying to install the linux one? Once installed, it should only be a matter of un-tarring the new one. Is your distro out of date? While Scrivener uses custom versions of its own libraries, it does need some system ones as well. I think Lee distributes a list of the versions needed in the readme. (Actually reading the README and INSTALL files is a good habit to get into.)

First of all, sorry for losing it up there. Just doesn’t help when it’s 35 degrees and you need to cancel yet another outdoor session because of software problems.

The original request still stands though (although I probably should have worded it differently :wink: ). I’ve seen a similar post like mine a couple of weeks ago, so I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Bottom line is - a lot of people just want to WRITE, and while improving the program and squashing bugs is great and definitely serves that purpose, the actual purpose is defeated again by the huge collective overhead caused by that recurring voice in our heads, telling us that we really should have updated YESTERDAY.

The makers of this program are great people, so I don’t exactly think my request is heresy (allmighty THEY will let us know when THEY are ready - doesn’t look like them really). And jravan, personally I think that your recommendation to poke all kinds of virtual needles and pins through myself (seriously?) just to circumvent the even bigger issues that come with a forgotten update illustrates the situation much better than I could ever describe it - thank you.

A lot of us already know we want Scrivener, we don’t need to try before we buy. Although the intention to not sell us a buggy product is extremely honorable, we have long passed a point where it’s actually practicable. Everybody loves you guys and trusts whatever issues will come up, you will fix them, so please let us pay for this program, so those who want to can free themselves from the chains of forced updates and can finally concentrate on writing again. Thank you!

Unfortunately, I’m a creative person, so I finding a new way to screw things up every time.

Wait, did you preserve directory structure? That is, are the libraries distributed with Scrivener in the Scrivener folder? There are some custom QT files that should stay in there. If you try to run scrivener against your system QT files, it won’t work. If you try to replace your system QT files with the Scrivener ones, you’ll be winding up reinstalling your OS.

I untared 026 (tar -xzf file.tgz) and it worked fine. All simlinks were preserved. What did you do to unpack it?

That’s a valid point. On the flip side, there’s the support issue. These people are not only programmers/testers/forum supporters, they also seem to all be writers as well. Having one known good version with as few bugs as possible makes things MUCH simpler when providing support to paying customers. Look at how many threads on these forums over the length of the beta have gone back and forth with people not being on quite the same version. Now, multiply that by a lot when the floodgates open and people can start paying money.

Trying to support multiple consecutive iterations of software is an exhausting, never-ending task. It’s a headache situation to be in, and what ends up happening is that everyone’s life suffers for it – theirs and ours. Today, you may not be hitting any of the known bugs in the current beta versions of Scrivener, but what happens tomorrow when one jumps out and hits you?

Part of agreeing to use beta software is agreeing to more hoops to jump through than an average user.



For goodness sakes, it take two seconds to update the software, I’ve never encountered anything so easy in my life. Even Windows update is more annoying and requires reboots…You make it sound like the Scrivener people are holding you to a chair and giving you fillings. And I can’t see how it can prevent you from concentrating on writing. The only thing that prevents me writing is laziness, procrastination and my twins.

I know I’m being impolite, but this seems like a pointless vent and unfair on the Scrivener crew. I’m sure they’re doing their best to make money from us.

Or, as my mum would have said:

Patience is a virtue
Catch if you can
Seldom found in woman,
Never, in a man.

I would have posted this earlier but the coffee ritual got in the way. The pleasure of the aroma as I grind the beans, released again when I pour boiling water into the cafeteria, playing with the dog while it brews, the anticipation as I slowly press the plunger and the final pour into the cup. Of course I could have had instant but I would have missed so much, and the quality wouldn’t have been there, would it?

August is nearly here.


Jeffrey, you put your point across so eloquently, I could learn from it.

Three Blind Lice, I also re-read my response to you earlier and I apologize for my lack of courtesy. People in this forum have been nothing but polite and generous to me. At times (often) I forget to press my filter button. Anyway, I’m sure the release date is coming along soon and we’ll all be celebrating!

We just need to imagine poor Lee chained to his desk in some dark basement he thinks is his man-cave but is really his prison, with a whirling server (MM the support program) for company. Amber occasionally goes down and gives him a beer and a slice of pizza to keep him alive. And KB drops in every so often cracking a whip to growl, “Are you done yet, man?!?!? The people are getting restless!”

I know this scene always makes me smile and glad that Scrivener is as stable as it is now. :slight_smile:

For every person who requests to pay for the beta (even if they don’t need or want to be excluded from forced upgrades), ten or more people would find the link, see the “pay now” button, and just skim over the ‘beta’ bit. Then, when the software shows it’s beta issues, they’d scream bloody murder, “How could you take money for such buggy software! This is highway robbery! I’m going to tell all my friends & Blog followers that Scrivener is a rip-off!”

The forced upgrades mean that no one complains about bugs that have been addressed in the latest build, which would slow down the progress of the next. And the lack of payment options means that word of mouth is mostly positive, instead of overwhelmingly negative.