Plot Alternatives

I am writing a mystery novel and now think several chapters might work better if moved forward or delayed to the middle of the book Doing this rearrangement means rewriting other chapters --backstory, dialog, clues, etc. I’d like to try the alternatives, to compare–maybe send both versions to a developmental editor to discuss the pros and cons. I tried to do this using a Binder Collection called “Alternate Plot.” Two things happen. The Collection does not have structure so the chapters cannot be moved around. The chapters are flat. Moreover, as expected, changes in “Alternate Plot” propagate to the original. Do I need to start a complete “Alternative Novel” in the Binder? Any guidance or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Sounds like this would be beneficial to you:

From the Manual - Sec. 5.1.2 Saving and Making Copies

Starting a second version in the Binder probably will work best. You start a new folder called something like “Alt Plot,” and put duplicates of all your chapters into it. Then rearrange and edit as needed.

I would also recommend that you look into Scrivener’s notation and linking features to make notes and connections between the two versions so you can remember why you did it in the first place. You’ll also need to isolate your searches and collections to one version or the other.

Good luck.

Good points. I would never have reached thiese ideas. Thanks.