Plot board for synopsis (scene, chaper, etc)

Just an idea…
It vould be great to have a cockboard more efficient for the construction of our synopsis. It’s good, but not enough.
I think about something like on this photo (column of each chapter where we can place scenes, and we can move scenes as we want)

(it’s on NovelPad)
Have a good day :smiley:

Check out Stacked Corkboards, manual section 8.2.8. It can look just like this and I’ve been using it for this purpose for years.

Hope this helps!

The corckboard feature is indeed a great way to achieve a similar result, but some additional features like those in the screenshot would be nice. E.g. the names of the folders next to/above the rows of cards they belong to.
But I was looking for something similar, so thank you for your response, also it’s finally possible because of the new Windows Scrivener 3 release!