Plotting a novel

Can anyone point me to tips/guides on how to map out plot lines using Scrivener. It’s something I really like on Dabble but can’t quite see how to do it on Scrivener (even though I’m using the RC11 version for Windows). Anyone else have some good ideas?

BTW I read the injunctions not to post questions on this forum, but the alternative forums are almost entirely technical and bug related.



There is this section:

I’ve been using Scrivener for a while now (many years) and have found this is very helpful: among other sites. That said, Scrivener has some very helpful videos available here: - note that if you are using the Windows Beta 3, the MacOS info is very much pertinent to what you are looking for.

I think (and I am not an L&L employee), that this is a good space for folks wanting this sort of information.