Pls Allow Setting/Retaining of Session Word Counts

I’ve recently started depending on session word counts to motivate me to write more words, and keep track of how much I’m writing.

One problem is that if I need to reboot my computer (happens frequently, unfortunately), I lose the count. In addition, to sync with Aeon Timeline (highly recommended) I must exit Scrivener, again losing the count.

Another, is that sometimes I need to set it to a certain value (other than reset it to zero). Yes, I can cut, reset, and paste, but that’s messy and dangerous.

Consider having an option to set it to a particular value, and and option to retain it through close/opens.



I definitely get this problem and I think this would be an amazing feature!! :smiley: I use Scrivener mostly for NaNoWriMo sessions and the word count counter makes it impossible to copy and paste something without it adding (or subtracting if you cut) to your session word count.

Being able to set the word count on set number or it wouldn’t be affect by every tiny change I made that doesn’t have to do with what I’m writing. 8)