Plus- size iPhone Quick Reference

Okay, I just got my 6s Plus, and using Scrivener on it is way cool! It slices! It dices! It puts up a tiny binder sidebar in landscape mode! I could even put a file I’d designated as Quick Reference on my iPad into my Plus’s tiny sidebar :smiley: .

The limitation, of course, is that I can’t designate files as Quick Reference on my iPhone because 99% of iPhones aren’t big enough to use the Quick Reference feature. I get that, but somehow Scrivener manages to put the binder in a sidebar based on screen size…

Might the Quick Reference choice in the More action list be enabled based on screen size in some future release?

I’ve made this change for the next update - so iPhone Plus users will be able to use Quick Reference in horizontal mode.

All the best,

Huzzah! I’ve just told all my blog readers!