PM on the L&L forum

I’m trying to send a PM, but it is just sitting in the “Outbox”. I’ve sent them in the past (there’s several in my “Sent” box), I simply can’t identify out what I’m doing wrong this time. Any ideas?

They sit in the ‘outbox’ until they’ve been read by the recipient, I believe. So the ‘sent’ folder is really a ‘delivered’ folder.

Ie, in answer to your actual question of what you are doing wrong: nothing! :slight_smile:

Unless you consider the fact that he is PM someone here on the forums. That could be wrong. Especially if it is Mr K.

Hi vic-k.

There are 10618 registered members on the forum. That means there has to be at least a 50% chance that it’s not to one of Vic’s Associates?

PS, Hi, Vic’s Associates

I believe that is an assumptive conclusion. Mr K may be one of only three users on the forums. The question is who is the other one?

Ahhh… that would explain it. Don’t you love the consistency of metaphor on different platforms?

I’m not telling…

Besides, how do you know there’s not just two? Have you ever seen vic-k and Keithvin in the same room together? Given the impressive abilities of Mr K, are you sure you’re not just a figment of his imagination?

<reflecting on the implications of this statement in light of Jaysen’s comments in previous threads, nom suddenly runs to the other room to check his wife still exists>

Proof to you that there are at least three humans on the forum:

  1. Photographic evidence that has been independently verified that places me and vic-k in the same frame exists. We must be unique.
  2. Are you reading this and the face in the mirror is not me or vic-k? You must be unique.

Beyond that you can have no certainty at this time.

This said the fundamental issue of proving that anyone or anything really exists has not been adequately answered in my opinion.

I’ll grant your first point (but only provisionally - independent photographic evidence also exists of the Loch Ness monster yet it is not considered conclusive proof). Regarding your second, how do you know the face I see in the mirror is neither your’s nor vic-k’s? One of us could be delusional (or rather, the level of delusion may be greater than initially suspected).

Never mind all this, I’m worried to learn that apparently there are only two rooms…

Would it help if you knew one of them was outside?

The key is “independently verified”. Verification done by unconcerned agencies that are deemed authoritative. If my methodology is not sufficient then we have no scientific process that can be considered reliable. Now what is my methodology? Not telling.

As to the mirror, having confirmed that neither Mr K not I have any knowledge of a “Nom” persona while we do have knowledge of other hosted persona which have been independently verified, if you look in the mirror you would not be seeing either Mr K or me. I suggest that you can check an ultimate authority by going to the “other room” and asking for verification.

That said, I still have no evidence that you exist.

A lot of reliance on “independently verified”. You might be surprised at the number of residents of, er, “special care residences” that have “independently verified” evidence of whatever concerns them. Then again, if I don’t exist and am a figment of your imagination, then perhaps you wouldn’t be.

Where’s René Descartes* when you need him?

[size=50]*Or Keanu Reeves[/size]

Well he ain’t in the friggin’ RED LION, that’s f’ sure. Unless he’s started shopping at Tescos.
Mind You…we do get a few weirdos on the picket line…‘n’ anyway he wouldn’t go down too well with the protesting members of Le Red Lion Faculté de Philosophie!

What? I would have thought our old René would fit right in. As the Bruces from the Philosophy Department of the University of Woolloomooloo have noted, “And René Descartes was a drunken fart. ‘I drink, therefore I am.’”

“And René Descartes was a drunken fart. ‘I drink, therefore I am.’”

Oh yeah! I forgot about that