PNG transparency

Hello! Is there a way to maintain PNG transparency when compiling my book? Right now, I’m getting white backgrounds inserted that look rather off on any ereader background but white.

That wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem, even if you have the option to resample images to editor scale enabled in the Layout compile option pane. Have you double-checked the exported resources directly in an image editor? If you open the ePub in Calibre’s editor or Sigil, it’s easy to examine assets directly, export them and load them in image editors. Like I say though, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Now as for whether or not the e-readers you’ve tested handle transparent PNGs, many do not! Calibre does.

Hm, good point! It hadn’t even occurred to me that the problem was with the reader. I’ll give that a go. Thanks!

This seems to be an issue with the Kindle software, not Scrivener. Resolved!