POD published... so?

My two first books are published but with a Print On Demand publisher in Holland, still I believe it counts to be called a writer…

It was very exciting to be published, no matter how, but now, some 2 years later, I’m still the only one who bought my books and I start to think it’s better to keep on trying to find a real publisher. That way you know for sure that your writings have quality. Having that said, big chance there is a good reason that I’m the only one who bought my books…


I’m not sure that necessarily follows, Andreas. Having published a book recently, I’ve discovered that marketing is a huge component. I’ve probably spent more hours marketing my book than I did writing it. It’s hard work, but it can pay off. I don’t think most readers buy books because of their inherent quality. I think they buy books because someone’s spent a lot of effort making them look/sound/feel appealing or important or entertaining or worthy. Sometimes — sometimes — established publishers will do that part of the job. But most of the time, it’s up to the author.

Best to you,