Poems translations - bilingual - even/odd pages


Using Scrivener 3 on Mac

I’ m working on a book, with poems appearing in french on even pages, and their translation in another language on odd pages.

Easy when a poem is shorter than a page.

When a poem spans over two or more pages, how to make the compile process in order that the reciprocal parts of the poem still appear on left/right pages, instead of e.g. french on two consecutive pages, followed by its translation on two consecutive pages too, breakins the correspondance ?

I don’t want to split manually into chuncks, bercause the writing is still in progress.

Any help would be appreciated.


André Leleux

I guess you are exporting to pdf? In that case I think the simplest way would be to make sure that every french poem is its own document so you can set it up in compile to always start on a verso page (or is it recto that is left?) and the translations also as their own documents, always starting on a recto page. In those cases that both spans over more than on page you can easily let them swap places in the pdf, afterwards.

Thank you for your answer. I had overlooked the ability to make a section begin on recto or verso pages.

Your solution is the one I used. It works, but it requires to swap pages in a pdf viewer, and to add the number on pages after that work. And thus, edit the table of contents manually.

I hoped a trick could make the compiler swap and number the pages in one pass.
Nevertheless, the idea of using the “new pages” tab of the section formatting is promising.

I wish you a happy new year.

You’re not going to be able to completely automate something like that in Scrivener. You’ll need a more complete page layout tool.


Hi Katherine,

Thank you for your advice. It seems indeed that Scrivener is wonderful and unbeatable for all phases of my project except for that last one.

I had a look at Scribus. A first glance, it could not resolve the problem of placing one language on even pages, and the other on odd ones.

Do you know of a page layout tool that could do this ? (If yes, I’m afraid it would be far above my financial possibilities…)


André Leleux