Poetry chapbook lacks consistent page breaks

When I Compile using Blank template, the Cover folder puts page breaks between every file, which I do not want, but the Poem folder does NOT put page breaks between files. Under Compile someone recommends we use the appropriate template at the beginning of the project. Is there a template for a poetry chapbook? If not, what is the way to force a new page for every file or specify combining files on a page, as for the cover?

Under File > New Project > Miscellaneous is a Poem Project Template. I never used it, so can’t tell you what it does…

The way is to create a Section Layout with a New Page Separator and Apply that to the Section Type the poems got (or you’ve created and given them).



I did use the poem project template. It is for a single poem with contact info as would be submitted for publication.

I would be interested to create a Project Template for a book with poems. A day before NaNoWriMo starts is unconvenient, though.

Aren’t there poets out there, who have a working Project, they can use to set up such a Template?

I want to publish an ePUB version of my out-of-print chapbook. It seemed simple. I stripped the TOC and Acknowledgements from my Word document. Using the Blank template I Imported the body text using outline and compiled but the poems ran together. I thought that changing text files to chapters would fix my problem but could not change the indent structure to get a simple TOC with a new page for each poem. I think Scrivener is too complicated for my purpose.

It might be too complicated for you, but I think it would do the job for you if you review the Tutorial and the “Scrivener Manual” about setting up compiles that do page breaks for you.

It’s 3 steps:

  1. Select a Section Type for the poems by right-clicking a Binder Item and choosing Section Type > Section
  2. Select File > Compile and click to Assign… button at the bottom of the middle column. Select the Section Layout for the Section Type. Click OK.
  3. Double-click the Compile Format you use in the left column. Click the second tab called Separators and make sure for the “Section” Section Layout, the “Separator between sections” the “New Page” Separator is selected. Now click Save and Compile.


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What is a section and where do I put it? All I want is a table of contents and one page per poem formatted as I brought it in from Microsoft Word.

PS I HAVE done the tutorial and taken an online class and read sections of the manual over the past few years but I am not a publisher nor do I want to be one.

In your case a Section is one poem.

Ever poem should be one item in the binder, with the poem in the document and the poem’s Title as the Title of that item in the Binder.

Add an empty page before the poems and choose Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents as ToC from the menu. Paste the resulting Table of Contents in the empty page.

Follow the 3-steps instruction I posted earlier. The only way is to add a New Page Separator between the Sections/poems in the Format Designer reached by double-clicking your selected Format.


I’m using a Mac but after several days of trying to figure this out myself I found that using the format “Manuscript (TIMES)” works exactly as needed for poems (because the presets already have the page breaks in place “per poem”. So maybe using the manuscript format (instead of the POEM format) is a good way forward.

Honestly, I don’t think the person who formatted the POEM format uses scrivener for poetry, LOL. All the poems run into each other. Whereas with the manuscript there are built in sections and page breaks that give any submission or manuscript a more polished look.

Good luck!