Poetry with Scrivener

In order to write poetry with Scrivener, I have been suppressing the indent when I put in a hard return so the poem is written in stanzas rather than paragraphs. But when I try to export the poem into a Word document, the formatting is lost. My only choice is to export it in .rtf, but when I try to import that individual poem in .rtf into an existing Word document, the formatting is again lost.

I also wish there was a spell check in Scrivener and it had more line editing features than the basic ones.

Hi cabianca,

There is: in 1.11 Edit > Spelling and Grammar.


I don’t think you can do anything about the formatting if you just export the file. You’re better off using the Compile Draft option and setting up the proper format there.

Have you tried “Spelling and grammar” in the edit menu, or “Spell check as you type” under text editing in the preferences?

In Compile Draft, in the formatting pane, choose not to override the formatting.
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