A way to compile poetry manuscript.

Could you be a little more specific about what you are looking for? I cannot think of anything that would inhibit you from compiling poetry, or instructions for the assembly of a rocket cooling system for that matter.

A poetry template.

“Poetry” covers rather a lot – from:


To Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s Commedia, via George Herbert’s “Easter Wings”. I can’t imagine what sort of a template might cover all that!


Whilst brevity
is to be admired

For comprehension
to be acquired

Of this template
that is your wish

More information
must you furnish

I would like a template that is set up for the structure of poetry to required spacing.

What required spacing? Please do take the time to explain exactly what you are after, providing examples if possible. We cannot provide something if we are expected to read between the lines and try to guess what a user is asking for…