Pointer and insertion marker black on black in full screen

I hope this hasn’t been covered somewhere, but I can’t find it.

Experimenting with different colour schemes for full screen, I notice that if you set the full screen paper colour to black and the text to some suitable light colour, the mouse pointer remains black and is therefore invisible.

Should the pointer colour not be the inverse of the paper colour? i.e. light pointer on dark background.


As far as I know, that is how the Mac pointer always is. Windows has a white pointer with a black outline (and a horrible shadow if you ask me); Mac has a black pointer with white outline. Is it the white outline that you are losing? I have seen a bug every once in a while that renders the pointer in all black (or sometimes another solid colour).

You are right about that. The pointer is always black, with a pixel of white around so that it shows on dark colours.

Needless to say, I can’t reproduce the effect I was getting. Now, with orange text on black background, for example, the insertion point and the i-beam pointer also show orange, as they should.

If I can reproduce the problem I will repost.


Minor Bug in Scivener 1.0

I think that this may be the same as the bug reported under the above subject heading.

I am using an iMac G4 with the latest update of OS X 10.4

When full screen mode is set to green text on a black background the color of the mouse pointer becomes a very pale grey which is difficult to see. This does vary, very occasionally returning to green, but so far the only way in which I can make it do so consistently, and then only transiently, is to open the color palette and make a slight adjustment - simply opening and closing the palette has no effect. However, the result is always short-lived and the pointer soon reverts to grey.

Hmm, this is a strange one - I have added it to the list to fix for 1.01. Thanks for the bug report. In the meantime, it seems that if you close and re-open Scrivener, the problem goes away and the I-beam appears in the correct colour. It seems that the problem only occurs if you have set the preference after (or while) you have been using full screen during a session, which suggests it is something to do with the window’s cursor rects not getting reset as they should (even though I am calling the code to do this).

So, for now you just need to know that you will need to close and reopen your project for the I-beam cursors to take on the correct colour, and I will do my best to fix this for 1.01.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the quick response.

I had changed the preferences from within the full screen view and only during my first session with Scrivener.