Pointer: how many slashes in resource locators?

I haven’t used this feature, but others do. Many programs allow you to create resource locators for items that that program knows about. These locators start with a string that gives the protocol (like http, nntp, ftp, etc), then a colon, and then either one or two slashes, followed by a string that describes the resource.

The wonky issue is whether the resource locator should have zero, one or two slashes. I direct you to this discussion:

sente.tenderapp.com/discussions … -url-links

for more. It indicates that Scrivener and Sente disagree on the structure of these links, and perhaps this is a problem with Scrivener. As I said, I don’t use this feature this way.

I’m not sure I understand, nor the report on the Sente system - where are these links in Scrivener that don’t work? How did the person create them?

Sorry Keith. I should have checked this out before posting. There is no issue in Scrivener that I can find–it works just as it should.

Chalk it up to my having a cold.


Phew! Thanks, and I hope your cold gets better soon!