Pointers to consistent Numbering + add video to compiled PDF?


First of all thanks for wonderful scrivener!
I have it on my Mac for quite some time but haven’t really come round to ‘really’ learning how to use it.
I’ve done some snooping around, found a whole lot of pointers, but most of them require a minimum of knowledge that I don’t have yet, such as the use of <$hn> and <$position>.
Hence my questions:

I mostly need to do technical reporting and manual making stuff. For this I need to add lots of photos and preferably also video.

  • Is there some tutorial available explaining how to go about this? Maybe the Scrivener User Manual is available as a Scrivener project for download? This would be a good starter I think?
  • PDF can hold embedded video: Is there some way to embed video just like embedding <$img:/path/to/photo.jpg;w=500> ?
    I realize video can be added to the binder, research and that there is media control support, but what about compiling embedded video to PDF?

Thanks for getting me going!