Police help blind author

I thought this was just slick… blind lady who writes by hand (pen), managed to write a bunch without any ink. Local police used their forensics techniques to recover her work.

bridportnews.co.uk/news/lyme … vel_pages/

Good on them :slight_smile:


What a great way to start the day :smiley:
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I did a double take when I saw the title of the thread. I’m glad it was the “other meaning” that turned out to be the case …

My personal favourite confusing headline was “Monty flies back to front”.


Thanks for sharing this. Along with the Danny DeVito interview in the Observer today, that is now two newspaper stories that have brought a smile to my face today. Normally I’m shouting at the things.

One of mine is still the way the title of the Spielberg-produced TV program Taken appears on the Sky guide: “Steven Spielberg Presents Taken”. I always feel a little sad at the thought of a bereft Spielberg Christmas whenever I see that during my channel surfing.

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What’s all this, Kev? :open_mouth: You trying to con us into thinking you’re a old softy! [size=85]pfffrrtt!![/size] Y’ think we’ve just got off the boat? :smiley:

Actually that editor had a good eye for a pun! Back in the mists of 1969, as part of an archaeological team, I was flown out to Singapore by the RAF. I presume Monty had flown with them as well. We flew back to front! On RAF transports, all the seats face backwards, as it’s actually safer that way, as in any emergency situation involving rapid deceleration you are pressed back into your seat, rather than ramming your head into the seat in front and risking neck-damage as a result of the civilian “brace position”.

Thing is, commercial airlines have never been able to sell backward-facing seats to passengers … at least not since the '50s and '60s, when planes had “family seating” … one row facing backwards, one row facing forwards with a table in between. Silly, really, as it doesn’t matter a fig which way you’re facing in the plane when you are at 36,000 feet and watching the latest movies on the entertainment system. A couple of minutes at take-off and landing, that’s the only time you’re aware of the difference.

I think I’m showing my age again … Anyway, I’m sure Monty, who was way older than me, must also have flown back to the front back to front.


Yeah, but, did he go back to the front, and back again, back to front, at the back or front of the plane? :confused:

Well, whichever direction he was flying, if he was at the front of the plane he will have thought he was at the back, and if he was at the back he will have thought he was at the front whether he was going to the front or on the way back!


But that then begs the question, was he at the back of the front, travelling back to the front, back to front, or back from it, or was he at the front of the back?

20 Bucks this is on a future episode of CSI