Poor localized version (German)

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but the search didn’t deliver any recent results.

I’ve been waiting patiently for Scrivener 3 for Windows and (grudgingly) accepted the constant delays and lack of updates regarding the release schedule. Since we’re now just days away from the end of Q2 with no schedule update anywhere, I gave up and downloaded the latest beta to give that one a try again (had already tried an earlier beta that was not really usable) – and I was shocked to see the mostly useless state of the localized German version. The menus include a mix of English items and German items. Several of the existing German translations still include errors / typos and awkward words / phrases. And even the very first prompt when starting the program is a sentence that’s half English and half German.

Given that Scrivener is also promoted as a tool for translators (I happen to be one), it’s rather embarrassing to see that no love is given to the localized versions, and instead users with other native languages get some half-assed translations thrown their way. (Side note: This also affects how-to books about Scrivener, which are available in German but have to use the poorly translated interface items when giving user instructions, so your carelessness really multiplies further down the road…)

Looking at the current state of affairs, I assume I shouldn’t expect a fully functional version (both in English and in German) happening in Q2? To be honest, I’m getting doubts that even Q3 will see a functional version… But whenever that long promised update will finally be released, please show your users some respect and invest a few bucks into a professional translation.


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FYI, translation is usually one of the last things that happens during a typical software development cycle. At any time, UI elements may change. if you translate it all early, you’re going to have to adjust all the translations every time a menu item changes or wording in a UI element is updated.

Yes, but my post was rather highlighting the fact that we’re two weeks away from the end of Q2, and the version doesn’t even look close to being complete. And as I said, the existing translations also haven’t been fixed after all these years, so… the lack of attention given to the localized versions is pretty obvious. :frowning:

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I can confirm that. The German translation of the UI is absolutely incomplete. And this has been for years now. Can you please fix this?

As a new user of Scrivener3, I am also very surprised about the bad and incomplete localization of Scrivener for German. Evereytime I use it I run across at least one bad localization or a place where the english term appears in an otherwise german translation. Being a native speaker, I could help you in fixing this.