Pop out footnotes & comments?

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I would find it really useful to be able to focus more on an individual footnote in the inspector. Academic writing (at least in my field) needs a lot and my poor old eyes find it really hard to focus at the moment… Couldn’t they (or rather the one I’m working on) have an option to open them, like a quick ref window?

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You could collapse all of the notes with Cmd-0 to get them out of the way if you are finding it distracting to have them all open at once. Just click anywhere in the sidebar to move the keyboard focus into the pane, and press the shortcut, or use View/Outline/Collapse All if you prefer the mouse.

Hi, thanks for your answer. I think it helps to a certain extent. I think my problem is really with the fact that the footnote is squashed to the right side of the screen (I somehow would prefer it to be in the middle, probably MS Word-symptoms) and that I find the fonts to be too small. This, of course, could be changed by setting a bigger font size, but then it just looks weird.
I just found a workflow that seems to work for me: If I have to work on a really extensive footnote, I have all other collapsed, as you indicated. Then, I just widen the comments pane by dragging the frame to the left. This works fine for me.

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You may have experimented with this already, but another option could be to use inline footnotes rather than inspector ones. Then the footnote text will be right there in the editor, so treated the same as you main text as far as the display. (Inline footnotes can have a separate font from the main text–I believe they do by default–but you can always change that if you want, since it’s easy to override it during compile anyway.) I’d think the grey bubble would set it off sufficiently from the other text to help you focus, and you won’t then have the other footnotes stacked around it. You can convert to and from inline and inspector footnotes (on a document-wide basis, or multiple documents at once) with the Format > Convert options.

Also, isn’t there a new mac feature to zoom the sidebar footnotes and comments along with the main text zoom?

Yes, right-click on any note in the pane to manually set the zoom level (or just have it follow the editor’s zoom level).

Thank you all for your comments and tips :slight_smile: I don’t really like having inline footnotes (I think mine are just too long and I don’t see how they work within the text), but with the zooming and the collapsing I find things easier now.
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