Pop-up cards on Corkboard (Double clicking for new Card)

Quick wish:

I would love to be able to generate a new card by simply double clicking an empty section of the corkboard.

No biggie, hitting cmd N isn’t too hard, but the idea came to me today and I figured there was no better place for it than the wishlist forum.

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Double-clicking in the empty area of the corkboard already does something - it takes you up to the parent of the corkboard, as an easy way of navigating up the hierarchy (an old suggestion of AmberV’s, I believe).

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Thanks Keith, I always used the outliner till now but I have recently found immense use in the corkboard. Not to beat a dead horse here, but when you say that double clicking the empty corkboard section brings you back to the parent directory that means that I go back to the top of the card stack, right? For example, I open my manuscript in corkboard and on it are various chapter folders containing scenes, I double click on the folder icon, and I see a series of individual scenes, and when I double click an empty area I will automatically return to the main corkboard? I ask because when I do this nothing happens and I am assuming I either misinterpreted your response or something is off with my corkboard. I am running version 1.50 Beta 6, and I tried it in Version 1.11 with my ongoing project and a new test project. Thanks again, and sorry I didn’t post this in the bug or beta forums but I figured it is something I’m doing and not something Scrivener is doing.


I think this action is currently only in the 2.0 branch. I tried it out in the latest beta as well, and it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Oops, sorry, you’re right. 1.5 does nothing. In 2.0, double-clicking takes you up to the parent folder. Amber - do you still agree that this should be the behaviour rather than that which Daniel proposes? Personally I can see myself creating cards by mistake if double-click creates new cards…


I think this one depends upon the background of the user. The double-click-nothing-to-create-something UI feel definitely comes from the mind-mapping and graphing crowd—so users familiar with these environments will avoid double-clicking empty spaces unless they want a new element. On that side of the coin, changing it to create a new card would be somewhat logical since the corkboard is kind of like a chart.

But, on the other side, I do think the current behaviour (in 2.0) addresses a need for something that otherwise wouldn’t be possible for mouse users. Keyboard users have a reveal in context function available and will probably use that instead. Counting up the methods, there are plenty of ways which already exist for making new documents for both mouse and keyboard users. If another method gets added here, it sacrifices the sole mouse-preferred method for traversing upward without going to the Binder.

So my opinion would be keep it a navigation function. If a user wants to add cards to the corkboard directly, the top entry of the contextual menu still addresses this (again, zillion ways to add documents and folders already).