Pop up footnote support in Scrivener? (iBooks 1.5 on iPad)

Apple updated iBooks to 1.5 and is now supporting pop-up footnotes in iBooks.
Is iBooks working with ePub 3.0 and is this also supported (or going to be supported) in Scrivener?

I doubt it’s working with ePub 3.0 as I believe ePub 3.0 is still in discussion and has no set specifications yet. There are no plans for changing the way footnotes work in Scrivener’s epub export at the moment, but if you happen to know how pop-up footnotes are achieved in iBooks, let me know and I’ll look at it. What books support this? I assume you’ve tried a Scrivener export and found that it’s footnotes don’t pop-up in iBooks?

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