Pop-up suggesting my project is in the wrong folder

Hi, I created my 1st project in IOS and then purchased the MAC version for my desktop iMac.
Per the sync instrucitons I read, the IOS project was saved to the Apps/Scrivener folder in Dropbox.

When I open my project (on my iMac) either from Scrivener or Dropbox I get a pop-up with the text below.

Note: the back up files from the desktop verison of the projects are also being stored in the Apps/Scrivener folder.

The project “Getting Kids To Talk.scriv” is stored inside its own automatic backups folder. This could potentially result in data loss in the event of an automatic backup trying to overwrite the current project file. It is therefore strongly recommended that you close the project and move it to a different location.

As the message explains, your automatic backups should not be in the same folder as the live projects. This article explains why not and what to do about it:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … tion-error


I’m having the same issue and I don’t see how the article solves it, unless I stop using the iOS app altogether. If I make edits from my phone, they will only affect the backup, not the file saved to my MacBook. And if I’m not supposed to open from backups, then the iOS app is useless, no? What am I missing here?

Backups are copies of your projects, for safekeeping if a project is corrupted.

No, you should not have your backups in the folder you sync with your iPhone. Check Preferences → Backups and make sure you save the backups elsewhere.

You are probably getting confused by the terminology and making the mistake of thinking that Dropbox is a backup service, therefore anything on Dropbox is called a backup. It is not. Dropbox is a synchronisation service. The fact that a project is on Dropbox does not make it a backup. If you are working on it, it is effectively a live project. A backup is a project that has been saved at some point and effectively frozen in time so that you can go back to it if something goes wrong. It is supposed to live somewhere safe and not get touched unless it is needed. A bit like a spare door key that you leave with a neighbour. Live projects and backups need to be kept in different places.

This is starting to make sense. So it sounds like I should switch the place I’m keeping the backups and treat my Dropbox folder as the place for live drafts.


Solved and working properly, thanks!