Popular Productivity App Bundle for $40

Most heavily discounted software bundles include apps I’ve never heard of. That’s why the developers agree to be part of the bundle.

This “Productive Macs” bundle isn’t like that. It has several well-known apps that the productivity gurus praise, including BusyCal, Default Folder, Circus Ponies Notebook, and LaunchBar. If you’re into apps that help your organize your life or that shave seconds off common tasks, you might find it appealing:


Since BusyCal and Circus Ponies NoteBook are each $50, if you’ve been planning to buy one or two in the collection anyway, buying the entire bundle makes sense. You can also give them as a Christmas present.

Here’s their description of themselves:

MacWorld has a review of the apps in this bundle at:

macworld.com/article/164098/ … redux.html

is this a genuine discussion of software or just a spam advert

The former.

Hi there Mr Hugh. I should have pointed out that my question was rhetorical. Of course it’s a shameless advert. It contains no details whatsoever. No discussion of the products or their merits. Nothing. Just some cheesy sales speak the kind my human falls for all the time when he sees adverts on the telly late at night for ,turnip waddlers, or some other spendmoretosavemore notavailableinanyshop type deal.

Chill, furry friend. Consider my reply as rhetorical as well.

Inkling brings notices of stuff to the forum that I’ve found useful in the past, and whilst the one above might look more nakedly spam-ish than some, I personally am convinced from his or her previous contributions that the intent is purely to spread the word amongst folk who might find the featured products or services useful.


the human gets dozens of leaflets through the door ever day for pizza delivery, curry houses and all manner of other fast food pedlars. Just because he picked up the phone and actually bought a pizza once, doesn’t stop it being junkmail.

my point here is simply, don,t just post a meaningless advert. have a conversation. if don’t have an opinion on the software worth articulating, if you aren’t soliciting others opinions on software to determine whether it,s right for you, then don,t post it.

unrelated point, pc world have a sale on

We’d all like to be as perfect as cats are… but sadly we’re not.
P.S. Thanks for the PC World tip.

“is this a genuine discussion of software or just a spam advert”

Just checking… :mrgreen: :smiley:

For what it’s worth, I get nothing from those who created this package. I don’t even know them or the developers. And I’m hardly the only one to note that this particular bundle is an especially good deal. Macworld had an article that said much the same.

This aren’t minor apps. They’re some of the most popular productivity tools around with normal prices that I consider a bit stiff. And they’re apps that don’t need a special like this to get attention.

–Michael W. Perry, Seattle

Greeting Floss. I disagree about the post containing “no details whatsoever”. If you’ve hung around here for any length of time and have a Mac, then you’d know that just the phrase “Circus Ponies Notebook” is a whole conversation on its own. I’d never heard of it before I worshipped at the Shrine of iThings, but I’ve heard the faithful bang on (and on) about it enough to know that it’s probably worth buying that package just for that one app. So one person’s “turnip waddling” is another person’s OMGCircusPoniesNotebookOnSaleSqueeee.

This may be a case of cross platform misunderstanding or just a need to lurkmoar.

Many of us are grateful to be notified about software sales. I don’t think it has to be a discussion starter – although often it is.