populating custom metadata throughout a project


Apologies if this has been asked before but I could not find an answer. I have a template set up with custom metadata fields that I had hoped I can fill in one place and that it would then populate throughout the project, but it seems my entries are limited to the page that I had selected when I filled in the metadata. Is there a way that I can enter it once and have it populate throughout the project? I would rather not have to re-enter on every page if possible.

Thank you!

Unless the metadata field is a checkbox or list type, there are no bulk settings for them. However, although you mention using templates, I think you mean that specific to project templates, which is of course where you would set up the fields themselves, but have you explored document templates at all?

The feature is documented in §7.5, Document Templates, but the basic idea is the same as a project template. You would set up an item in the binder to act as preconfigured template to create others from, metadata included (in fact, everything about it except snapshots).

So for classes of things you intend to create going forward, that should have certain metadata fields filled in, that’s how you’d want to go about it.

Thanks Amber! I will look at the document templates and see if that will suit my purposes.