Popup dialogue for back-up

My project is saved in dropbox, also back-up in another folder on my Mac. Whenever I quit a project, the back-up dialogue pops up with the spinning wheel.

Whenever I use another application, and the S back-dialogue is hidden from my view, the S icon in the dock bounces. Which I assume is to act as a reminder that the project is still back-up.

Currently I stop using the other application and unhide it, thereby revealing the S back-up dialogue with its spinning wheel.

My questions are these. (1) I do not need to be reminded that S is in the process of back-up so is it okay to ignore the bouncing icon and carry on using another application? (2) or does S halt/delay its back-up until the back-dialogue comes into view again?

You are safe to use the other app - Scrivener should continue backing up, as macOS should not halt the process while you are using another app. macOS just automatically bounces the Dock icon whenever a panel comes up in an app such as the backup progress panel.

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