Popups taken over everything

Not long ago I had a problem with popups taking over my system. The problem was solved but, unfortunately, I can’t find the post to duplicate the steps we took back then.
The popups are across all platforms and come from the system. They occur when I click on a word, any word. They also occur when I click on up and down arrows and in the sliding space. Sometimes, I have as many as 3 popups at a time.
Hoping someone can help as they’re driving me crazy.
Many thanks,
p.s. Last time, Dr. M got me thru this problem.

It’d be nice if you could post a screenshot of those nasty popups – as they might contain a message saying a bit about the why.
Maybe also a link to the thread concerning the previous occurence. (You’ll find all your threads/posts in your profile panel of the forum. Top right of the screen.)

Meanwhile, you might want to give a try toggling this menu option :

Who knows, with a little luck, it’ll somewhat make things not as annoying…

Hi Vincent:

Thanks for responding. I’ll try to post the popups. They’re hard to capture as they go away when I click screenshot. But will try some more. As far as the previous post, it’s disappeared from my list. All i remember is that Dr. M helped me.


Try using the printscreen button. Fn-on + F9
Then do a smaller screenshot of that.

Try windows snip and sketch and do 10 second delay and try to cause a pop up to appear

Thanks for that, Vincent. Also managed to find the previous post. It is: Solved - Popups Driving me Crazy | Tech Support Guy
The issue is identical to the original one. The popups are the same, too.
Thanks for your help,

For one, I see no screenshot/popups in this thread.
2nd, that is rather an OS issue, unrelated to Scrivener.
Perhaps that other forum would be a better place to look for a permanent solution…

Something worth trying : If I am not mistaken, AVG has a built-in popup blocker.

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I’m so sorry. I’m on the wrong site. The popups confused me even more than I realized. Please ignore this post and thank you again.