Portable Apps version of Scrivener

An awesome addition to Scrivener for Windows would be a Portable Apps version. Portable Apps is a platform for running software directly from portable media such as USB drives and memory cards. It would allow a person to carry their entire installation of Scrivener, including all settings, projects, etc., from one computer to another, at home, at work, to a cabin in the woods with no internet access. “When your . . . portable device is plugged in, you have access to your software and personal data just as you would on your own PC. And when you unplug the device, none of your personal data is left behind.”

This is a very popular platform with releases from dozens of software developers, both open source and commercial, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Thunderbird, Gimp, Skype, uTorrent, VLC, OpenOffice, FoxIT, KeePass, etc.

Moreover, while I’m not a developer, I have the impression that making a Portable Apps version of your software requires minimal effort on your part:

I hope you will consider this. It would make this software so much more useful for me. I think this would be a very popular feature. It’s worth noting that it’s completely free to use for end-users, and I’m pretty sure it’s free to use for developers (though they accept donations). So providing this version of your app would add a lot of value.

If you’d like to learn more, portableapps.com/

P.s. I promise I’m not affiliated in any way with Portable Apps. I’m just a big fan, and as near as I can tell they’re a non-profit, open-source outfit.

Given your own post, you state that it requires minimal effort, why don’t you make a portable version? I could make a portable version, but I am unsure as to how well it would function with regards to registration. Also I wouldn’t be using portableapps I’d be using some other software :slight_smile:

Even assuming I have everything necessary to do so, I don’t think I can legally make a portable apps version of Scrivener. Surely that would count as a derivative work for copyright purposes. I suspect that if a version of Scrivener is released on any platform, the software’s original author wants to control it and test it for quality and consistency.

At the very least, it’s not something that I would pursue without the blessing of the author.

I (am not the author of scrivener) don’t see any problems with portablizing the program provided that I am the only one to use this “derivative”. That said, I’m fine with installing it where I need it, though I do prefer the sterile look a portablized program folder makes :slight_smile: