Portable Install?

Hi! I’m getting ready for nanowrimo (going for my 4th “win!”) and am thinking of buying Scrivener and using that this year instead of clunky ol’ word. I generally work on my desktop Mac, but work is sending me a shiny new Macbook Pro soon… and it’d be nice if I could work on there as well.

I read all the dropbox info, and that’d be handy if I had two installs, but money is a bit tight right now and I’d prefer not to purchase 2 copies of Scrivener for use for one month a year (when the kids are older… maybe more than that!).

Can I install it to a portable drive and simply run it from there, and just plug it into whichever machine I am going to write on? Is there any other option or way I can make this work easily? Or are 2 licenses the best or only bet…


You can just install it on both machines with the same license; no need to purchase a second copy. Then you can use Dropbox to share your project and you’ll be good to go!

Oh, badass! Thanks!

Now, where’s my credit card…?