Portal 2

(Note to videogame-o-phobes: turn away now.)

Just completed Portal 2. What an amazing game. I suppose at least I have my life back now and will stop spending my time evaluating walls for their portal-usefulness, but damn I’m going to miss it, and I can’t remember the last game I could say that about.

[size=150]There you are![/size]
[size=60]I don’t hate you…[/size]

Credit where credit is most certainly due.

That’s great! I’m going to do that next Hallowe’en!

I was always annoyed that I forgot to use the line from the first Portal game when we released Scrivener 2.0: “These points of data make a beautiful line / Now we’re out of beta we’re releasing on time.” Of course, we never release on time…

Ugh, I’m still on a downer that I’ve finished it. And Wheatley… Even if he is usually the annoying Barclays bank advert voiceover man over here (and Ricky Gervaise sidekick of course). Portal is what games should be - it’s a game I don’t mind my son playing because it involves lots of problem solving (and humour).

That is an amazing pumpkin. It needs a hug!

Well that figures :confused:

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I just bought it to distract me from the passing of my canine companion of 12 years. It’s proved to be quite effective at giving me a break to catch my breath, and I love the story. I only wish that i’d been able to pick up the first game for my ps3.

I’m sorry to read about the loss of your dog. Twelve years is a long time. Probably leave a big gap to fill. I hope you cope well with it.
Take care

Waiting to play deadspace 2 after I finish up Fallout 3 New Las Vegas and WOW 4.1 in between.

I am rather upset though with Playstation losing all my information to hackers and then waiting so long to offically tell me.


Fallout New Vegas I’m looking forward to playing once my fiance finishes it. Right now I’m working my way through Oblivion. (Yay for spreadsheets.)

Worth the price of new on Portal 2?