Portland! More than just coffee shops and Scrivener users, apparently: theguardian.com/travel/2014/ … and-oregon

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Re: To Wrist-Rest or Not to Wrist-Rest
Postby Siren on Thu May 29, 2014 10:58 am

My mother nags that wrist-resting is unprofessional and bad for you, but she learnt to type on a typewriter, which has a different angle, height and key-strike mechanism to a laptop computer, so I beg to differ. I work primarily with my laptop on my knee, which (after arranging my legs in a comfortable but orthopaedically ill-advised manner!) gives it a slight upward incline, and I rest my wrists on the bits next to the trackpad. My laptop is a MacBook Pro, and it has sharp edges that would cut your flesh to ribbons, so I use these to cushion the wrist rest (and also to avoid prolonged skin contact with the metal casing):

Are you using the laptop that you regularly spill the wine and cigarette ash over, as you lie supine of an evening?

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Hey! Some of those food trucks are regular lunch stops for me. :slight_smile:

Which probably isn’t good for my health. But grilled cheese!

Nothing like the smell of diesel fuel and goat cheese to start your morning.

Hmmmm… Is this any better?
theguardian.com/travel/2014/ … and-oregon

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but what translates into vic-k speak?

If you eat at food vans in the UK, you’re likely to die from food poisoning! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

perfect. I’ll send the kids right over…

That’s what I asked, is it a booze related problem? Looks like it is. Ah well… c’est la vie…eh? :wink:

Touché! Actually, it’s a rather lovely Valpolicella tonight, not a claret. :wink:

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Actually, we Portlanders generally call them food CARTS rather than “trucks” or “vans” or whatever. I have no idea why. They even tend to congregate in “pods” and sometimes spawn actual restaurants. And yes, we frequent them with great gustatory delight.

Does the Portland Milk Advisory Board have a PSA about food carts?

I wouldn’t know. In Portland, the only beverages allowed are microbrews and coffee.

I think the Guardian must have an annual slot for writing about Portland. Last May, it was food carts/trucks/vans, some of them actually frequented by our very own AmberV. This year, it seems to be books about Portland:
theguardian.com/books/booksb … ders-picks

Not only have I not read these books, but I haven’t even heard of them!

Can’t resist pointing out that Portland, Oregon gets its name from Portland, Maine. And Portland, Maine gets its name from Portland, Dorset, Wessex, Centre of the Known Universe, and Home to the Nicest (and most modest) Folk That Ever Lived.

In Wessex, we also have food trucks and books. And people who sound like pirates. Arrrgghhhh.

Just saying. :laughing:

Thanks for alerting us to this story, Siren. All the books on this list will familiar to literarily inclined Oregonians.

Now that is weird! :open_mouth: Have y’ noticed? Among the ‘Books about" links, at the bottom of the Portland page, there ain’t one about the Principality Of Stockport. :open_mouth: Guardian’s going t’ the dogs on a handcart!