Portlanders meet!

Well, Brett and I (Alexandria) met at the Chinese Tearoom and it was a delight to meet a fellow Scrivener. As I would expect, Brett is intelligent, interesting, and it was a delight to get to know him. I hope when he and I both return from our respective trips we can get together again with more of our fellow Portland Scriveners (as well as any non-Portland folks who want to join us).

Thank you, Brett!! It was very sweet of you to want to celebrate my achievement!!


Thanks, Alexandria, you deserve tea and accolades for summitting the academic Everest. First time I ever met someone I “knew” only through a forum; our newly fledged doc turned out to be just as delightfully ebullient as you’d expect from her posts here, and I’m glad to’ve made a new friend in such a roundabout way. (She’s already plotting her next Scrivened project, BTW.)
Looking forward to seeing her and other pdx scriveners later this summer – PM us if you want to set a date. And of course, whenever I finally finish my nine-years-in-the-making book (with the help of Scrivener, of course), I’ll happily sip as much celebratory oolong as my fellow Scrivs will buy me!

It’s a date!!! :slight_smile:

Hmm … lucky people!
I recently met an “online friend” – from a photography forum – a week or two back. She’s in Shenzhen on the border of Hong Kong, and only about 300 miles from here. I wonder where the nearest Scrivenerer is – apart from the local friend whom I have got using it – and how many thousand miles they would have to travel to share a cup of Tieguanyin with me if they came here, or I would have to travel to share a cup of their local brew.
Mark in Xiamen, Fujian Province, PRC.

Hi Doc!

I just attended a two week AWG workshop where we had other writers read our work out loud - of course it was a very humbling but immensly illuminating experience to hear something we had written coming into our heads via our ears rather than out of our heads via our mouths.

It is astonishing just how helpful it is - and getting another writer to do it makes it so much easier. At least they understand the process and tend to be forgiving.

Highly recommended if you manage to get a little group together. You only need a couple of minutes to hear a lot of helpful stuff. Sort of an Actors Studio workshop for writers, by writers.


:smiley: [/i]

Slightly OT -

That’s the only way my critique group works. We read our work aloud, which helps not only the writer (hearing it seems to put your mind into audience (aka reader) mode so you hear what’s on the page, not what your brain thinks is there), but it also keeps the others from micro-copy editing (which usually leads nowhere and misses the big problems of story arc, emotion, etc.).

Highly recommended. :smiley:

Now returning you to your originally scheduled program…