Portuguese Spelling Dictionary Update

Hi all,

I use scrivener to write texts in Portuguese and I must say that the spelling dictionary is really bad.

It’s not updated. It has a lot of missing words. It still use the umlaut sign, that is not used anymore in Portuguese language.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to use other spelling dictionaries with Scrivener, but that’s not the point.
The point here is that the default one should be considered for an update, since it really don’t reach Portuguese writers expectations, at least in my opinion.

The spelling is not managed by Scrivener. The dictionary is the one used in all Mac application and is made by Apple. So you should complain to Apple.
Have a nice day.
Emilio Speciale
PS. Sorry, maybe you are not on a Mac. If so, I do not know the answer.

I’m not on mac :wink:

In fact, in windows, Scrivener ships with english speller and allows you to download dictionaries for other langues. I consider those as “oficial” packages.

Since this is wishlist, I think it makes all the sense to make a with for an updated “portuguese dictionary”

The Portuguese dictionary problem is actually a little more complicated than that.
I’m on a mac, and the spell checker is acceptable. However, there is no dictionary or thesaurus from Apple. The complicated part is, apart from open source dictionaries (which are far from acceptable), there is no way to get a portuguese thesaurus (and spell checker too I believe) from any vendor. There are companies that sell dictionaries for Macs that are better than the Apple shipped ones, but they do not provide Portuguese language dictionaries. The only one to do so (for both PC and Mac), is made by Priberam (search for Priberam Flip), and it’s an excellent dictionary, spellchecker, thesaurus, grammar checker, etc, for various dialects of Portuguese and with specific technical dictionaries as well. Its not too expensive, but it comes with limitations. Priberam used to do the Portuguese dics for Microsoft Office, and although their spell checker now works with all Mac apps, their thesaurus and other checkers only works with Microsoft Office. In the Windows world they have the same restrictions. Another case of not being able to let go of Office - this time, because of lack of competition in the language dpt.

I believe it would be in Scrivener’s interest to join with other writing apps (Mellel, etc) to finance, lobby, or help develop an app that could take care of the language requirements all these apps face (since they all take advantage, on the Mac side at least, of Apple’s english-centric dictionaries).


Was someone able to resolve this issue somehow?

Don’t know about Portuguese, but the German spelling (Win) is also still off by a mile. Too bad that this seems to be a continued problem.