Is there a way to have the Name Generator search for Portuguese names? That would be very useful to me.



If you have a list of Portuguese names in CSV format (easily created via Excel), you can import it - see the section on the Name Generator in the Help file for full instructions.

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Thanks for the reply, Keith.

Unfortunately I don’t have a list of Portuguese names, nor Excel. I guess I just have to rely on my imagination.

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You can create a CSV file in a plain text editor if you want (i.e. TextEdit, provided you save as plain text and not as RTF). The Wiki (English) description of the format is here:


Portuguese one here:


If you could find a list of Portuguese names somewhere on the net, you could maybe alter it to CSV format.

Cheers, Martin.

All the name lists in there were just taken from census lists I found on the 'net and copied into Excel - or you can copy them into Numbers, or just use find and replace in a text editor to add the commas. We don’t have the resources to do this for all languages and countries and possible name lists, unfortunately, which is why I made it easy to import your own.

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